About Me

I began training 24 years ago and still have a love for all types and methods of training today. I have trained using a variety of disciplines and nutrition plans in order to achieve my goals throughout that time. I have competed at the National level in Powerlifting winning a National Championship in 2004 (1964 total 873 Squat/420 Bench/671 Deadlift), Nationally and Internationally in Strongman for 5 years and amateur level CrossFit.

I have been fortunate enough to cross paths and train with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches and athletes the world has to offer.  I believe that fitness is a lifelong journey that can be achieved by anyone wishing to pursue it. That lifelong journey begins with learning foundation movements with correct mechanics and consistency of movement.  Through this we are able to build movement patterns that will benefit individuals in everyday life through to athletic pursuits..  One of the greatest things in the world is sharing in the successes of people on that journey.

BA(PE)/BEd. (University of Lethbridge)
NCCP Lvl. 1 & 2 Coaching Theory
NCCP Stage 1 Olympic Lifting
CF Lvl. 1, CF Endurance, CF Olympic Lifting, CF Mobility
K-Tape Pro

Contact:  cory.gillespie@lethsd.ab.ca