Monday, March 8, 2021

Strength is Alive and Well

 Strength is alive and well in Alberta Schools!  I wanted to share this bright spot amongst the closures of gyms and fitness facilities for so many people.  Jesse Roest runs the Bearspaw Barbell Club at Bearspaw Christian School.  This strength focused program holds an event every year for Alberta students to partake in Powerlifting and Strongman.  It is currently entering its sixth year and is an awesome event for budding strength athletes - male and female.  At this time it is not open to students outside of Bearspaw Christian due to COVID but if this changes I will be sure to update you all.  Below is a snapshot of the poster but you can also access the poster at the link here Grizzly Games

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

COVID Closure Training Options

 Although our course is currently on pause, I am hopeful that many of you will continue to train and use your body.  here are a few options that you have been asking for:

As per directions that were sent out through Microsoft Teams and email, use the archive at the bottom to go back to March 25 for the start of at home workouts.  You can pick and choose your way through the workouts available.  If you use the archive to back track to the March dates you can select the newer posts link at the bottom of the page to move forward through additional workouts.  As dates approach June posts, the workouts will get harder.  Here is the link to do a back track without leaving this post Archive Link 

For those of you who have gym memberships, here is a basic lifter program that should help you make some good size and strength gains while still allowing for movement refinement.  Program is posted on the Fitness and Performance Page under the Programs link list or you can select the program by clicking the link here COVID Closure Program 

If you have questions please reach out through email or Teams so I can help you

Stay Safe, Stay Strong

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Fitness and Performance 9 and Level 1-4 Period Schedules

Here are the schedules for course locations for the remainder of the semester:

FP 1234 Period  2

FP 1234 Period 3

FP 9 Q2 Period 4

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Community Teen Fitness Opportunity

 Hi Everyone,

Here is an opportunity to pursue fitness under guidance of trained coaches within the community.  For more information contact Hattie Kanyo at the following email address: or via phone/Text at 403.795.1242


Friday, October 16, 2020

Somewhat open......

 Hi Everyone,

The Fitness Center will be opening for CLASSES ONLY starting this week.  I will be unable to accommodate individuals who are not directly in the classes using the facility.  This is due to contact tracing of individuals using the space and keeping the training cohorts in tact and safe.  

At this time I am unsure when or if we will be able to offer some open access to students but remain hopeful.  Thank you for your understanding and respect of the guidelines we are following to keep people safe.  

The thing to focus on is progress and safety.  We have classes in the facility, which is step one....progress!!  The next step would be to open additional space and time for non-class individuals, but we cannot put a timeline on this.  First off we need to ensure the groups in class are safe.  Once that occurs and is stable, then we will begin building towards additional things.  This is not a short process, nor is it one that schools are taking lightly.  All decisions are made at the Alberta Health Services and School Division level.  Please be patient as they have everyone's best interest at heart. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Mental Illness Awareness Week

 This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week.  At LCI Fitness we pride ourselves on taking care of the "whole" individual because taking care of yourself is more than just physical.  You never know who around you may be struggling, needing help or too scared to ask for help.  Inside your own head can be one of the most paralyzing and lonely place in the entire world....but know you are not alone!  Reach out for help and you will be surprised at how much help you will find.

This month the Lethbridge School Division Wellness Team released the first edition of a publication they have created called "The Loop".  This document is to help bring awareness to what supports are available in our community for mental health, learning opportunities and child/youth community activities.  You can access "the Loop" by clicking the link here.