Fitness and Performance 1

Potential of 6 Credits
Prerequisite: A willingness to embrace change

Fitness and Performance 1 lays the foundational techniques and movements that are required for the safe pursuit of fitness, health and performance-based training.  To better understand the body and how it works, and to conceptualize the process of motivation and goal setting, students are first required to complete a baseline of theoretical work.

The remainder of the course is practical in nature. Students will learn how to perform basic functional movements, and be able to identify and correct improper movement patterns.  They will progress through introductory level training systems designed to assist in attaining personal fitness and performance based goals.  Students are not permitted to follow their own programming unless it is a high-level program, and/or a strength and conditioning coach is providing it. * In this situation, students are required to meet with the instructor for permission to follow external programming.  The student must provide the program design and coach contacts before being considered for an exemption from course programming.

Throughout the duration of the course, participants will immerse themselves inside a training environment that prides itself on being a positive community and a culture centered on improvement and progress.  They will learn the etiquette and implicit rules that are associated with training environments.  At the end of the course, participants will have the ability to enter community facilities seamlessly, with the knowledge required to navigate an unfamiliar culture and training space successfully.