Friday, December 9, 2011

What do you see in a mirror?  This is not a crazy question, nor one rooted in psychology, but a question as to why do we have mirrors in a gym?  After training in a gym with no mirrors for the past 2 1/2 years and now returning to train in a gym that has mirrors, I find I enjoy the ability to have mirrors as much as I do without.  Not having mirrors teaches an individual to rely on their senses.  To feel the movement and really learn a movement.  This is a skill that will help you in all aspects of life and in particular those rooted in sports and training.  Usually all movements will feel right or wrong.  Whether it is throwing a ball or doing a maximal effort clean, if they do not feel comfortable and natural, then mechanically there is something that is not correct in the movement you are performing.  Mirrors are great for being able to assess for yourself what you feel is off and what you can see is off.  Mirrors are an excellent tool for helping improve your technique and skills.  However, do not become reliant with mirrors on your eyes and stop paying attention to how it feels.  In closing, just remember mirrors are not for checking out how wicked you look, but how improper you look and what to do about it.  Use your reflection wisely and take it away from time to time.

Program 1 Tabata

Day 1 MB Thruster/MB Clean/MB Sit Under/MB Russian Twist (20/14)
Day 2 Pull Up/Sprawl/V Sit/Box Jump
Day 3 Plyo Lunge/Handstand Push Up/Dip Under/Air Squat
Day 4 Double Under/Wall Ball Shot/Ball Slams/Push Wall Touch

Program 2 Strength
Up 2

A1 Towel Chin Ups 5x FailureUse a thick towel
B1 CrossBody Hammer Curls 4x6-8
B2 Lateral Raise 4x3-5
C1 Standing Alternate Barbell Military Press 4x6-8

Program 3 Conquest
A. Hang Clean Pull 8 x 1
B. "GHD Annie"
Double Unders
GHD Sit Ups