Program 3

Program 3: CrossFit and Conquest Anaerobic Based Conditioning

Program 3 is a CrossFit and CrossFit based conditioning program.  CrossFit programming is defined as constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.  This programming seeks to create the most well rounded, and fit individual possible, by increasing skills in both neurological and physical domains.  If you have ever wanted to get in the best shape of your life then this is the program for you!  New programming is featured daily and is always evolving, changing and keeping you on your toes.  There are 2 levels that participants can choose from:

Level 1.  CrossFit Lethbridge is an excellent local source of programming, knowledge and conditioning for athletes and individuals seeking to increase their level of functional fitness.  See what CrossFit Lethbridge is up to on a daily basis for advanced level training. Participation in CrossFit Lethbridge programming will allow for participants to check results with other athletes and individuals within the CrossFit community and connect to local and provincial fitness events. You can do this by checking the CrossFit Lethbridge website ( ) and going into that days comments.

Level 2. Conquest Anaerobic Based Conditioning is offered as an introductory level CrossFit based program.  Daily workout are modified for younger and less experienced individuals, with a primary focus on lifting technique and body mechanics.  Workouts are equally as challenging, but offers a different level of intensity and level of skill.  Conquest is a great stepping stone to move towards more advanced training in all dimensions and programs.  Conquest workouts are also featured and changed daily.

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