Thursday, January 28, 2010

Food vs. Supplements (In Short)

Often times I am asked what I think of certain supplements. My answer typically is the same to everyone that asks. How is your diet? Supplements are exactly that. They are supplementary to what we can gain from a nutritionally balanced diet and nutrition plan. We do not need supplements to look, feel and perform better. If your diet is rock solid, which most peoples are not including my own, then supplements may (or may not) be what it is that you need to achieve the next level. However, in the nature of providing information I believe that there are 2 supplements that are of help.

1. Protein Powder: Yes we can get this from foods, but in today's day and age it is not always easy or realistic to have time to get a good solid food meal in at optimal time intervals. I like protein powders for their sake of convenience. Whenever possible though I would reach for regular food.

2. Creatine Monohydrate: Even to this day the Creatine war rages on over what is the best type, delivery systems, flavoring etc. I am going to divert you from the Conquest Conditioning site to where Mike Kesthely outlines Creatine in depth and will allow you to understand its use a little better (with what he likes to call some sciency goodness). Over the years Creatine has proven to be a fairly safe supplement that allows us to increase our potential via utilization of energy and energy production.

Run 400m
AMRAP Unfractioned Pull Ups
Score = the number of pull ups you are able to complete total. The number of rounds completed does not matter for score. The run is your way of earning yourself back onto the pull up bar.