Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bottom Power

Many people have the most difficulty getting a dead overhead press off the front rack position. Overcoming the initial equilibrium of forces to get it moving, seems to be harder than keeping it going. If an individual can get it to an over the head position, they can usually finish the movement. The stall out typically occurs at the bottom or in the first 4" of the movement. Although some of this can be attributed to technique flaws as often as a lack of power, having good starting strength is always a must for moving big weight overhead.

Overload Starts: After completing a successful 1 RM add an additional 10-15 lbs to the bar. Take the bar out of the rack to start position. Being heavier than your 1 RM you will be unable to press and lock the bar out. Press as hard as you can into the bar attempting it as if you are going to successfully press the weight. When the stall occurs, fight against it and try not to let the bar lower. Do these in sets of 5 and reps of 2. Each rep needs to be a max exertion into the bar.

Banded Overload Starts: Overload starts can also be done using stretch release bands. Set the tension so that failure of the lift occurs half way through (4" in). Explode up, stop when the bar tops moving concentrically, isometric contraction hold and slow resistance down. 8 sets of 3 reps is a nice prescription to follow.

Awkward Objects: Press as many awkward and heavy objects as you can find. The training response that the entire body will go through will cause gains in all areas. To press these objects you will need extra core stabilization, extra shoulder stability and the base power to press from any position. Examples are logs, rocks, motorcycles, etc.

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