Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29, 2011

Over the past 3 years the Conquest Program has grown in all aspects.  I have grown as a coach, a technician, programmer and an athlete.  I have strove to expand my existing knowledge base in an attempt to facilitate the best fitness opportunity possible for the youth involved.  However, I am not the only one who has seen growth.  The Conquest program has seen numerous success stories on all fronts.  We have helped (and I use the term help as they are the ones who have done the work) individuals lose weight and become more healthy, athletes performance levels go through the roof and changed the value of fitness for countless others.  The Conquest program is here to be whatever it is you need it to be.  Whether it is an athlete who is seeking the next level or someone just looking for a more fit looking aesthetic, to improving the general health of participants; the Conquest Program is here for you.  Come and take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

Program 1 (This week individuals should be working Tabata numbers they determined in week 1 and used in week 2)
Week 3 of 3 of 4 day Tabata Routine 
10 meter shuttle/Dips/Double Skips/Sit Under
Program 2 (Starting weights for week 3 should be established from week 1 & 2 training. Use those numbers as a start point and in the final sets look to make increases wherever possible)
Flat Bench Press 4x8-10 (5,1,5,1)
Incline DB Press with Rotation 4x8-10 (5,1,5,1)
11/4 Flat Flies 4x8 (No Tempo)
Shoulder Laterals 4x8-10 (3,1,2,1)
DB Front Raise 4x10 (5,1,5,1)

Program 3 (Conquest Programming - Increasing intensity week)
Last week was intro to Conquest week and thus had low volume and low intensity based workouts. This week things will progress and move towards standard programming
A. Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5
B. AMRAP 2 min
3 Burpees 
5 Air Squats
rest 2 minutes
AMRAP 2 min
3 push Ups
5 Jump Squats