Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 2012

- Waivers forms are due upon entry into the fitness center for workouts.  If you need a form, please see Mr. Gillespie to pick up a waiver form or click here
- Users need to bring headphones for their music.  This will be strictly enforced beggining Monday September 17, 2012.  We need to ensure the learning environments of the classrooms above the fitness center are preserved and that music is appropriate.  The radio will be played for those without headphones.

Program 1: Interval Basis

- This was formally a Tabata protocol program but I have switched it up to cover a wider range of intervals and energy systems. Tabata will still be mixed into the programming, but will not form the basis. These workouts are primarily all bodyweight based and designed to be done including warm up in 30 minutes.
Day 4. Tabata - Ring Row, Dip, Fist Twists, Star Jumps **6 rounds per exercise

Program 2: Weightlifting
This is a basic weightlifting program. It is designed to get your body ready for further programs that have more volume, higher intensities and more complex formats. It will run as follows for 3 weeks
Day 4.
Overhead Press 5 x 10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 x 8
Close Grip Bench Press 4 x8-12
Upright Barbell Row 4 x 8
Wide Grip Seated Row 4 x 8
Open Hip Sit Up 4 x 15

Program 3: CrossFit Lethbridge & Conquest modified wod
- See what CFLA is up to today. For true CrossFit workouts from a real CrossFit box that knows its stuff. Allows you to check your results with other athletes and individuals within the CF community. You can do this by checking the cfla website and going into that days comments. Conquest will offer a modified wod of the cfla wod for younger and less experienced individuals
A1) 4 sets of 5 weighted strict pullups
A2) 4 sets of 5 weighted strict dips
B) 5 rounds for time:
run 400m
15 ball slams
rest 2mins
A. 4 Sets x 5 Reps of Negative Pull Ups
B. 4 Sets x 5 Repsof Negative Dips
C. 5 Rounds for Time

200 m run
15 Ball Slams
Rest 1 minute

Program 4:
- What am I up to. Here is my current training program for now. I am coming out of an injury and a long lay off, so the programming will be light and not long in duration or requiring a ton of work capacity
A. 3 Rounds for Time Run 200 m 40 Double Unders B1. Hang Clean 5 x 3 B2. Strict Pull Ups to Failure C. Deadlift 5 x 8 D. 3 Rounds for Time 30 Double Unders Amrap Unbroken Kipping Pull Ups E. 1 round Hollow Rock until broken AMRAP unbroken sit ups