Friday, February 1, 2013

Last Post for a While

Hello Conquest Members and Fitness Center Users,
I will be away from the gym for the next 3 months on surgical leave.  Before I sign off I want to point out a few specific things that you need to pay attention to and will help you on your way to your fitness goals.

1. CrossFit Lethbridge has CrossFit programming that is second to none.  Coach Heather and the crew at CFLA are among the smartest training and coaching individuals I have had the pleasure to be around.  At Conquest we have offered 2 tiered workouts for the first semester.  One coming from CFLA and the other coming from Conquest.  With myself away please check the CFLA site for your daily workouts.  You can go to the CFLA site by clicking here or on the CFLA logo for daily WODS

2.  Andrew Fitzgerald, a University Kinesiology student and active competitive powerlifter, will be in working with specific individuals and helping out after schools on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for the next few months.  Andrew has a wealth of training knowledge he is looking to share so take advantage of this opportunity.  In order to access Andrew's programming please visit the conditioning tab and look under the program 2 heading or click the link here
3. Patrick Bartoshyk will continue with Wednesday after school and providing coaching in all aspects of fitness, conditioning and strength.  Patrick has been with us for the past 5 months and has been invaluable in sharing his time and knowledge.  Patrick is a competitive active CrossFit athlete and ex-WHL hockey player.  He is also a wealth of knowledge you have the ability to tap into so don't miss out.
4. Coach Ferguson will be doing some programming for Ram Football players off season programming.  Coach Ferguson is an LCI Alumnist and has donated a ton of his time to helping the LCI family.  He has now gone above and beyond by offering his services to do some strength and conditioning with the Rams Football Program.  Brett spent time with the Okanagan Sun and University of Calgary Dinos football program.  His programming can be accessed under the conditioning tab in program 2 or click here.
I wish you all the best of luck and hope you keep training and pursuing your fitness goals.