Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 26, 2013

A. Wave Ladders (by Christian Thibaudeau)
Using your 1 rm follow the protocol listed below. Move as far down the ladder as possible. If you fail on a round that is where you stop and move to part B. This is the last week of the 3 week phase of training. Next week we will look to establish a new 1 RM before taking some time to deload. After this week of training, mark your progress and set goals for the following weeks testing. Rest time will 2-3 min between sets and 4 min between waves
Wave 1
1x3@ 85%
1x2@ 88%
1x1@ 92%
Wave 2
1x3@ 85+ 20lbs
1x2@ 88+ 20 lbs
1x1@ 92+ 20 lbs
Wave 3
1x3@ 85+ 30 lbs
1x2@ 88+30 lbs
B. 5 Rounds for Time
Row 500 M
20 Wall Ball Shots
10 Ball Slams
C. 8 + 12 Curls (8 regular 12 Reverse grip)
D. Hanging L Sit (3 minutes accumulated time)