Monday, September 19, 2016

Thank You Nova3 Labs

A big thanks goes out to Mike Kesthely of Nova3 Labs for updating our LCI Fitness nutrition page.

There is a ton of information that exists in the world of nutrition and sometimes that volume of information can be confusing, contradicting and hard to get real information for real people.
We are extremely fortunate to have a friend of the program in Mike Kesthely and Nova3 Labs.  Mike has been a supporter of the fitness movement at the LCI since it began 8 years ago.  He has graciously donated his time for seminars and lectures, individual special case students and kept our information on how we should be eating for health and performance current.

If you have time, please visit the Nova3 page, sign up for their newsletter (it is chalk full of good stuff all the time) and drop Mike a thank you.

Mike Kesthely and Nova 3 Labs....we salute you!!!

We are open for lunch hours this week but still closed after school.  Regular hours, waivers and donation areas can be viewed in the "About Us" drop menu.