Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Toes Never Go In

Hi All,
I don't normally post in this nature but felt it important that I hit this one. 

I had a young athlete come to me today and tell me that his trainer told him to squat with his "toes in" to overcome the imbalances created by being a hockey player and skating all the time......Now I do not know everything, far from it, and I do not pretend to know everything.  I am always learning and look to our professional community to help inspire that learning and for take home pieces of education.  So I pondered this, I tried this, then I pondered some more, but I came to the same conclusion.  This is ridiculous!

Dear Mr. Trainer,
Please go and do some more reading on foot position, knee/ankle/hip position bio-mechanics before you injure a young athlete or person.  Toes should never point in during the squat.  We can go back and forth over a debate of toes forward vs. toes out, but there is no debate on toes in.  If you seek to fix imbalances, then address imbalances through corrective drills, exercises and positioning cues.
Thank you for your time

Happy squatting everyone and if anyone tells you to turn toes in, then pack your gear and check out