Donations & Sponsorship

The Lethbridge Collegiate Institute is committed to providing youth with a wide variety of

opportunities for pursuing and participating in fitness based endeavors. We promote lifelong fitness and healthy active lifestyles. It is our goal to help our youth build positive habits and skills in the area of exercise, nutrition and fitness.

 We have a full service fitness center which provides opportunities reflected in our community and the fitness industry FOR FREE!

 The LCI fitness center has accessible hours, with open gym hours during the day and access to quality instruction and supervision through school courses. It is open to all members of the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute.

The LCI fitness is a positive environment designed to empower youth to take charge of their health and well-being putting them in the driver’s seat for their future health goals.  It has been a school wide goal to continue providing this service free of charge. However assistance from users and the public is needed. To assist in keeping the fitness center free, we accept donations of any denomination.  The donations are utilized to offset costs of maintenance, equipment repair and upkeep and small improvements if the funds allow.

Donation & Sponsorship Information: -
All donations can made online through SchoolCashOnline or click this link to go directly to the donation page.
- Choose “make a donation” .
- Under the "Gift Information" area" click the drop arrow for "Select a fund destination drop arrow"
- Select LCI High School from the drop arrow list
- In the "Message to School Board" area, type "LCI Fitness Center" or click this link to go directly to the donation page.
Donations may also be delivered to the business manager Mr. Ryan Milne in the main office

Tax Information:
- Donations under $25 can be made out to Lethbridge Collegiate Institute and should indicate Fitness Center in the memo line and will receive a school based receipt.
- To be eligible for a tax receipt donations must be $25 and over and made out to Lethbridge School District 51 and should indicate LCI Fitness Center in the memo line.

Required Donor and Sponsorship Information:
-For donations $25 and over tax receipts may be issued and we will require the following information:
     - Full name to appear on the tax receipt.
     - Mailing address to appear on tax receipt
- Tax receipts will be mailed from the Lethbridge School District #51 to the address indicated.

*If you would like a school based receipt please also fill the following information out and return with donation.

Current Sponsors & Supporters