Fitness and Performance

This page has links to the current Fitness & Performance programming from the LCI.  Individuals looking for past programs ran through the LCI Fitness and Performance Program/Website are asked to email program requests for the years and programs they are looking for.

Fitness & Performance course students, please utilize the page to look ahead at the programming and upcoming required movements.  Do some research on what the movement should look like in order to have some ideas of what the general movement should look like.  Adherence to movement standard is of utmost importance and a requirement for the course.  When looking ahead at these movements keep in mind that not all sources are reliable and may not provide the best example of the way a movement should look.  You are utilizing the video to give you a general idea of the movement and not attempting to learn the performance of these movements on your own.  Please do not perform new movements without direct instruction.

Here is a list of programming years available by email request
2013-2014  (1 program stream available)
2014-2015 (2 program streams available)
2015-2016 (2 program streams available)
2016-2017 (3 program streams available)
2018-2019 (3 program streams available)
2019-2020 (3 program streams available)
2020-2021 (2 program streams available)
2021-2022 (2 program streams available)
2022-2023 (4 program streams available)