Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hip Power in the Squat

Squatting, like most big power movements has a huge reliability on your hips. The first thing that needs to be mastered is how to use the hips. Once you have that under control, the next step to do is to make those hips stronger. Box squats are an excellent method of doing this.

Box Squats: Box squats can be done at varying heights and should be done at varying heights in order to stress the hip flexors throughout their full range of motion and to overload sticking areas. The first attempts should be done with a box that is set up just below parallel in the squat. Squat down to the box and when you come in contact with the box, rock back on it relaxing the hip flexors and unloading them. It is important to note that even though you relax the hip flexors it is imperative that you do not relax the lumbar and spinal erectors. We need to remain totally tight in our core or this can be a very dangerous movement. Rock back forward reengaging the hip flexors and explode off the box to come back to a standing position. Higher boxes allow for handling bigger weight and lower boxes require less weight. Both are equally effective.

Today's Cartoon - Last chance to get an answer and choose a WOD for next week.
On the Minute for 12 Minutes
100 meter Sprint
15 Push Ups