Thursday, August 11, 2011

Conquest Kick Off

Welcome back to another year of Conquest Conditioning!! This year, we will be changing up a number of items within the Conquest world to try and allow for more inclusion and reach even more students. Here are some of the changes that students can look forward to this year:

- Tabata Bootcamp (Only have a half hour to workout - here is your solution)

- CrossFit Style Workouts (Regular Conquest Programming)

- Annual Strength and Conditioning Plan (Year long strength and conditioning program)

- Lifting and Nutrition Seminars with guests and guest speakers

- Special event guest workouts (watch and listen to the announcements for details and sign ups)

The LCI Fitness Center will be open starting after the long weekend. Lunch and after school hours will remain as they have the previous year. Those hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at lunch and after school. As we find other supervisors there is the potential for more hours.

We are also excited about the potential of installing a thumb scan apparatus. This would allow individuals to access the fitness center on their spares. If the scanner passes and is put in place, individuals will have to pass a competency and responsibility test, with Mr. Gillespie, in order to be given access. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting opportunity.

Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you in the LCI Fitness Center. If you have ever wanted to get in shape, then there is no better place than this to have experienced coaching and help, with programs designed to fit the needs and abilities of youth.