Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

This will be the beginning of the second week of phase 1 of training for programs 1 (Tabata Interval) and Program 2 (Strength).  Program 3 is continuous and thus does not follow a phase format that the #1 and #2 follow.  It is extremely important to maintain consistency when training on a specified program, such as #1 and #2.  Consistency allows an individual to adapt to a program, become more proficient in the mechanics of their movements.  Most important of all, consistency and improved mechanics leads to an ability to increase intensity.  An increase in intensity is what we are looking for!  Increases in intensity are synonymous with increases in power.  When we increase power we increase our capacity to get work done.  Isn't that the point of all good training.  Happy training!

Program 1 (This week individuals should be working Tabata numbers they determined in week 1)
Week 2 of 3 of 4 day Tabata Routine

Day 1
Push Up/Sit Up/DB Overhead Press (10/15)/Plate Raise
Day 2
Air Squat/Lunge/Back Extension/Box Jump (14/20)
Day 3
Ring Row/Flag Pole Raise/Burpee/Side Lunge
Day 4
10 meter shuttle/Dips/Double Skips/Sit Under

Program 2 (Starting weights for week 2 should be established from week 1 training.  Use those numbers as a start point and in the final sets look to make increases wherever possible)
Day 1

Strict Overhead Press 4x8-10 (5,1,5,1)
Skull Crushers 4x12 (5,1,5,1)
Dips 4xFailure (No Tempo)
Straight Bar Curls 4x8 (No Tempo)
Swiss Ball Push Ups 4 x Failure (No Tempo)

Day 2
666Squats 6x6 (6,1,6,0)
Narrow stance Leg Press 4x25 (No Tempo)
Glute Hame Raise 4x10 (No Tempo)
Seated Calf Raise 1x20, 1x15, 1x10, 1x5 (3,3,3,3)
Bent Over Laterals 4x10 (No Tempo)
Throat Rows 4 x 12 (3,1,2,1)

Day 3
Flat Bench Press 4x8-10 (5,1,5,1)
Incline DB Press with Rotation 4x8-10 (5,1,5,1)
11/4 Flat Flies 4x8 (No Tempo)
Shoulder Laterals 4x8-10 (3,1,2,1)
DB Front Raise 4x10 (5,1,5,1)

Day 4
3 Position Deadlift (Position1=Below patella / 2=above patella / 3=lockout = 1 rep) 4x4 (No Tempo; 1 second pause at each position)
Towel Pull Ups 4xFailure
Seated Row 4x8-10 (4,1,3,1)
Shrugs 5x8 (3,3,3,3)
Wide Stance Good Mornings 4 x 8-10 (5,1,5,1)

Program 3 (Conquest Programming - Increasing intensity week)
Last week was intro to Conquest week and thus had low volume and low intensity based workouts.  This week things will progress and move towards standard programming

A. Press 5sets of 5 reps
B. For Time
100 WBS (10lbs @ 11'/14lbs @ 12')