Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

How do we grow if we never take a chance?  If we never challenge our boundaries.  If we never step out of our box.  The answer is, we don't!  In order to move ahead in life, and in exercise, we have to be willing to fail and to put ourselves out there.  If you take the negative connotation of the word failure away, is failure truly a bad thing?  I say no!  It is as a result of failure that we gut check ourselves and rise above those who would stay in their box.  We gain new experiences and we grow.  We grow as a person and as a participant.  It's time you saw where your failures are and allowed yourself to move past them.

Program 1 (Tabata Interval)
Ring Row/Flag Pole Raise/Burpee/Side Lunge

Program 2 (Strength)
Rest Day
Program 3 (Conquest WOD)
100 Double Unders
rest 30 sec
400 m run
rest 30 sec
75 Double Unders
rest 30 sec
300 m run
50 Double Unders
rest 30 sec
200 m run
rest 30 sec
25 Double Unders
100 m run