Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011

Sometimes life can be very simple:
Identify problem
Identify solution
Create plan to achieve solution
Execute plan
Desired Result

Making changes is easier in theory than it is in reality.  However, all that holds you back is the fear of the unknown and the comfort of the known.  Do you dare to step outside of your bubble and find out what your potential truly is?  Follow the above steps and success can be yours! 
Program 1 - Tabata Protocol (8 rounds/sets of 20 sec activity to 10 sec rest per exercise)

Day 2 - Push Ball/Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl/Mackenzie Press/Push Up

Program 2 - Strength Training Program (Phase 2 - Conversion to Strength)

* Items written with the same ltter are to be done in superset format with no rest from exercise to exercise.
Day Two “Lower One”
A1 Dead lifts
Wk1 3x8/ 2x6/ 1x5{progress the weight}
Wk2 3x6/2x5/1x3{start the 6’s where you did the 5’s the week earlier}
Wk3 3x5/2x3/1x2{same as above}
B1 1 ¼ Front Squats 4x5{3, 1, 1, 2}
C1 Back Hyper Extensions 3x15
C2 Standing Calf Raises 3x20{3, 1, 3, 1}

Program 3 Conquest Conditioning

AMRAP 15 Minutes
200 m run
5 Push Press
10 Pull Ups