Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

Hopefully this week we have the Windows 7 changeover glitches all figured out.  I am looking to do some posting this week on core stability in the powerlifts and how to create a good foundation of secondary movers to help increase those lifts and stay safe while handling bigger and bigger loads.  Those posts start tomorrow.

A personal favorite and a great ab strengthener for powerlifters.  Tune in tomorrow to find out how to do this movement and find the potential missing link to a big strong turtle shell for a stomach.
Program 1 - Tabata Routine Week 2 of 3 (Repeat Program from September Start / Check your numbers and look at your progress)
Day 1- Push Up/Sit Up/DB Overhead Press (10/15)/Plate Raise
Day 2 - Air Squat/Lunge/Back Extension/Box Jump (14/20)
Day 3 - Ring Row/Flag Pole Raise/Burpee/Side Lunge
Day 4 - 10 meter shuttle/Dips/Double Skips/Sit Under

Program 2 - Strength - Week 2 of 3
Day 1 Upper 1
Day 2 Lower 1
Day 3 OFF
Day 4 Upper 2
Day 5 Lower 2
Day 6 Sprint work -
Week 2 20 Minutes 75 m sprint 75 m jog -
Week 3 20 minutes 100 m sprint 100 m jog
Day 7 OFF

Upper One
A1 Incline Dumbbell Press 3x8-10 (3,1,2,1)
A2 Straight Barbell Curls 3x6-10 (2,1,1,1)
B1 1 ¼ Flat Flies 3x6-8 (3,1,2,1)
B2 Mid Back Shrug 3x6-8
C1 StandingOne Arm Barbell Press 3x4-6 (3,1,2,1)
C2 Cross Body Hammer Curls 3x6-8 (2,1,1,1)
D1 One Arm Dumbbell Rows 3x8-10 (3,1,1,1)

Lower One
A1 Olympic High Bar Squats with varying foot width 4x6-8 (3,1,1,1)
B1 Step Back Lunges 3x8-10
B2 Glute/Ham Raise 3x4-6 (5,1,1,1)
C1 Seated Calf Raise 4x10-15 (3,2,3,2)

Upper Two
A1 Single Arm Overhead Rope Tricep Extension 3x8-10 (3,1,2,1)
A2 Shoulder Side Lateral Raise 3x6-8
B1 Dips 4x8-10 (3,1,1,1)
B2 Cuban Press 4x10-12
C1 Shrugs 5x8-10 (3,3,1,3)

Lower Two
A1 Narrow Stance Leg Press feet High on Platform 5x10-12 (3,1,2,1) (80%)
B1 Stiff Leg Deadlifts3x6-8 (4,1,3,1)
B2 Peaderson step ups (6” step) 3x10-12 (3,1,2,1) - Focus on not letting knee dive in
C1 Snatch Grip Deadlifts 5x6-8 (3,1,3,1)

Program 3 - Conquest
A. Find a 5 RM and then use in the following protocol. 
-Weight drops will be dependant on weight utilized.  Weight drops should be a minimum of 20 lbs, but it will always be the easiest weight to drop.  For example if you are squatting 225 for 5 reps then your drop will be be down to 135 lbs as it is the easiest drop of weight. Some drops will yeild huge AMRAP numbers where others may only give a few.  Any questions, please post to comments.
5 squats drop weight AMRAP
(+5 lbs) 4 reps drop weight AMRAP
(+5 lbs) 4 reps drop weight AMRAP
(+5 lbs) 3 reps drop weight AMRAP
(+5 lbs) 2 reps drop weight AMRAP

B. 4 rounds for Time
10 Squat Clean 105/75
10 Pull Ups
5 Knees to Elbows