Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012

The Conquest program has gained a new friend!  Vivint home automation and security is looking to support the Conquest Program and help facilitate the pursuit of fitness for students at LCI.  More on their generosity as developments occur, but know big things are on the horizon for Conquest Program and all fitness center users.  Gooooooo Vivint.!!!!

 Also, Congrats to Brock Ramias, who has been a long time Conquest member, on his PR in power clean at 225.  He has worked extremely hard to make the gains he has and focuses on correct technique as he increases the loads he is able to utilize.  Well done sir, 240 is just around the corner!

On top of this Carter Francis, who joined the Conquest team this year, entered an elite club with a 500lb deadlift.  There are not a lot of people who can make that same claim, especially still in high school.  Again, another individual who has redesigned his life and decided to take his future in his own hands.  He has a goal and is working hard to achieve.  Carter will run the ball this year if he keeps on the path he is.  Well done Carter!

Clock hand circles are performed by assuming a push up lockout position.  The athlete is the arm of the clock and the movement is done in the same manner as that arm would move around a clock face.  Travel in a circle is done by crossing hand over hand, or sliding hand to hand, to move around in a circle pivoting on the toes.  Reps should be done by travelling clockwise for one rep and counterclockwise for the next rep.  As it is a ladder rep one will always be done the opposite of the previous rep when transitioning rounds.

Don't let this wod fool you.  Looks easy, but......

Conquest WOD
10-1 Ladder
Clock hand circles
V Sit Ups