Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30, 2012

A new school year is about to begin and potentially the start of your transformation into a healthier you.  All Conquest and Fitness Center information can be accessed on the Conquest website, the information board in the main hall accross from the office and in the Fitness Center.  Conquest programming and the fitness center will begin on September 10, 2012. 

We will be offering the same style of programming this year with body weight workouts that can be done anywhere in short amounts of time, weightlifting workouts and a strength biased anaerobic conditioning program.  No matter what your needs, desires or goals we have something to fit anyone and everyone.  We take all levels, ages and abilities no questions asked!  You do not have to be an athlete, nor do you have to aspire to be one.  All you require is the desire to make a change in your life.  To pursue health and fitness, on your own terms, and access guidance to meet your fitness goals and desires.

Available Credits:
Conquest is happy to be allowing students access to credits for the second year in a row.  Information on available credits can be viewed on the Conquest board in the main hallway and on the website if you follow the link Conquest Credit Program.  For sign up and details see Mr. Gillespie in the fitness center.

With the new school schedule we are happy to announce the expansion of available hours for students.  This would not be possible without the support and dedication to fitness of our teaching staff.  A big thank you to them for helping support the program and youth fitness.  Hours during the day are categorized as open gym sessions and are not guided.  Individuals listed are supervisors who are willing to do their teaching preparation work from the fitness center so that students may access the room.  There will be a zero tolerance policy with users and horseplay.  If you are asked to leave the fitness center by any of the supervisors a meeting between an administrator, Mr. Gillespie, the student and their parents, will need to occur before access will be granted to that individual again.  Programming can always be accessed, but participants of open gym will be training without coaching.  If you require help you are expected to attend after school sessions where help is offered and guidance is available.
During School Hours/Open Gym Times:
Monday - Thursday
Period 1 - Closed
Period 2 - Mr. Bendfeld
Period 3:  Mr. Gillespie
Period 4 - Mrs. St. Goddard
Period 5 - Closed (Sports Performance Class is in session)
Friday - Closed

After school Hours/Guided Sessions
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
3 - 4:30
Conquest Sessions begin at 3:15 Sharp.  If you are early, please wait for the group or begin warm up on your own.  Teaching and workouts will all begin together as a group.
**If you are more than 5 minutes late you will be expected to go through that days workout on your own.  It is too difficult to help individuals if everyone is all in different spots during the session.  Please be courteous to your coach as well as to other participants you would be taking away from.
Wednesday and Friday Closed.
- We are currently looking for a Wednesday supervisor.  It must be an adult, but does not need to be a school staff member.  They would act in a similar capacity as a community volunteer coach utilized in other co-curricular programs at the school.

Fitness Center Rule Changes:
1. Please bring headphones with you if you wish to listen to your ipod during school days.  Due to the classes in session above the fitness center we are limiting the music play this year to help facilitate a positive learning environment for our neighbors above.
2. Weight left out will result in a 50 burpee penalty before participants are allowed back into the fitness center.  Please help keep the facility clean and organized.

New Additions:
A big thank you to Vivint. for their amazing donation this past Summer.  Vivint. has stepped up to help deliver 5 concept 2 rowers to the LCI Fitness center.  We are very fortunate for this opportunity and cannot overstate the positive impact this will have in helping our users pursue their fitness goals.  Gooooooo Vivint.!!!!!  On top of this, Vivint. has also provided contact information and opportunities for students seeking Summer employment opportunities.
Conquest Conditioning is very excited about what we have to offer this year and can't wait to see all of you out.  Grab a friend and come get involved.