Monday, May 25, 2015

Test Week Phase 4

Here is the final phase to cap off our wave ladder endeavor.  Click the link for downloadable program or see below

Test week downloadable document here

Test Week
We have followed 3 phases wave ladder training to get to this point and now it is time to reap the rewards of hard work.  It is now time to test your results!!!  Test week will consist of 4 training days to ensure you are getting adequate rest and recovery to be ready for your lifts and see the best results.

Athletes will receive a maximum of 5 attempts to find their maximum in each session (eg. Squat max 5 sets, Bench max 5 sets….).  If an attempt is failed, an athlete may remove weight to attempt being successful, but try to avoid this as missing a lift and the energy put out in that miss will impede/skew results when going back down.

All testing sessions should follow all of the normal protocols we observe.
- Proper dynamic warm up
- Proper specific warm up for the lift that day with gradual progressions to the weight to be attempted
- Proper spotting techniques and safety protocols. 

The 4 test days are listed below as day 1-4, but if possible should not be done in successive days and should be done as a 2 on/1off/2on/2 off format.
Day 1
Squat 5 x 1
AMRAP Double Unders in 5 Minutes
Day 2
Bench Press 5 x 1
AMCAP Assault bike 1 min x 2 sets with 1 min rest between (As Many Calories As Possible)
Day 3
Deadlift 5 x 1
500 m row for time
Day 4
Press 5 x 1
400 m run for time