Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Sedintary Files: Part 5

After 4 days of pointing fingers and talking about everything that's wrong, its time to turn the corner and offer some solutions to the problems that exist.

There are always going to be left and right wing solutions to every issue that arises. Which is best will depend on your viewpoint and passion for the issue at hand. The most radical solution can easily be summed up in start kicking some butts and taking some names. The problem lies in radical changes often do not stick and are not successful. The solution to this problem is going to take time, but that time needs to start before its too late.

As a parent step up and take control. YOU ARE THE PARENT! Cut down on technology time (video games, Internet, cell phone usage) and get them involved in something. Clean out your cupboards. If it is in a box, in a can, or has ingredients you can't pronounce get rid of it. Take the time to engage and involve your kids in an old tradition of meal preparation and family dinners. Use whole foods rather than easy prep foods and increase the level of organization that exists within the family. You cannot force your kids to be active, but you can join activities together modelling good behaviour and allowing you to spend time together. Those that play, together stay together. Finally the home front needs to care about what happens outside of the home during the bulk of their children's day. Show a little more interest in the education of the physical and back teachers up in the decisions they make.

As an education system we need to reevaluate what it is that is important and instill curriculum that reflects that. We need to return to a time where students were held accountable for their actions and held to a standard of what is deemed acceptable. A grade based solely on participation has proven to not be enough of a motivator to make students want to be active. If you do not meet the grade you do not get to meet the next grade. Simple as that.

Pressure needs to be placed on MLA's, school boards and Teachers associations to make the necessary changes to supply enough funding and resources to offer a successful and respectable curriculum. Money wasted on patch work solutions rather than tackling the whole problem is a waste of time. The powers that be need to look around, and talk to the little people doing work. Use that input to guide a new direction for physical education. Lets recreate the status quo.

Not sure if I achieved my goal of offering the best solutions or merely passed the buck, but the problem is so vast that it is going to take an effort on everyone's behalf to put it back together. We just need to get the ball rolling as all the pieces are in place to start making a difference.

Bench Press 1-1-1
Rest 2 minutes
Double Unders
Push Ups