Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14, 2010

Hello Conquestors. I would like to take a moment in today's post to offer an apology. I have not been overly vigilant with getting new information up on the site, nor have I been that great at posting the workouts. The workouts are still on going and are always post up at the fitness center, but due to mismanaging my time and taking too much on, I have not been able to do the job that I would like to do. No more! I will be ensuring that posts are done with the workouts every day we are operating. On days that I am overloaded the best I may be able to do is post the wod only, but when I can manage I will continue with trying to put relevant and new training, fitness and nutrition information up for all of you. Stay tuned...as this is my New Years resolution


a. Push Press 5RM

b. 21 - 15 - 9

Push Jerk 95/65

Sumo Deadlift High Pull