Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

With Summer rapidly approaching it is important to remind people of the importance of proper hydration in hot weather. Lack of proper hydration has a huge detriment on performance, but more importantly on health. Ensure that if you are exercising out in the heat that you have access to water. Lot's of the time posts like this are followed with telling you how much you should be drinking on a daily basis and how often you should be taking it in. This post is a little different. It's telling you to just drink some water. Not Gatorades, Powerades, energy drinks, etc. Just good ol' fashioned water. Fill it up and drink it down!! You might be surprised at how much better you feel. Don't get stuck on numbers. Create a good habit and pattern and then refine it at a later date.

Perform 2 Power Cleans & 1 Jerk on the minute for 15 minutes.

*Start the clock. At the top of every minute perform 2 cleans & 1 jerk.
*Use a maximal weight. 65-80% of 1 RM
*For every rep not completed, perform 5 burpees during rest time