Monday, December 10, 2012

December 12, 2012

Upcoming closures to take note of:
* The fitness center will be closed after school the week prior to Christmas break.  Regular day time hours will still be available.
* Wednesday December 12, 2012 will also be closed as the Wednesday supervisor is unavailable

Program Notes:
* Program 1 is under the Conditioning tab listed as Program 1.  It is a repeat as we have been doing some repeat programming for individuals to gauge changes in performance on workouts.
* Program 2 will resume February 1, 2013 due to closures and sporadic ability to attend the fitness center.  If you are currently following this program I encourage you to go to September 2012 in the archives and utilize the program starting at this point.  It will keep you going and continue building towards the end goal we have.  Repeating programs that have shown themselves to be effective is never a problem and is even a good idea to gauge improvements.

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