Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013

Please check the board outside of the fitness center for closure/hours.  Afterschool may be closed, but I do not want to post until I can see what it looks like on the roads and outside.  Be safe today everyone.

A. Press 1 RM
* You will need to load 2 bars for this.  Rest time is 2 min between sets
B1. Shrug with hip pop 5 x 5
B2. Clean Grip High Pull 5 x 3
* Rest time is 1 min between sets
C1. Bent Over Lateral Raise 5 x 10
C2. Dips
D. AMRAP 2 Min
5 Push Press
5 Ring Dips
rest 2 min
5 Push Ball Shots
5 Dip Unders
Rest 2 min
repeat 1 more time